CBCS - An innovative scheme of academic programme is available at UG level that offers flexibility to students in choosing their elective subjects from the choices available. This has brought a new paradigm shift in the teaching - learning from teacher centric to learner oriented approach, providing an opportunity for interdisciplinary integration of the academic programme

Under CBCS, each programme is based on the Credits which is the weightage, given to each course. It is the numerical value assigned to course according to importance of the content and contact hours required to complete its teaching / learning. BA programme is of 136 credits and shall be completed in 6 semesters, spread over 3 academic years. Each semester is to be completed in 16 weeks.

The courses under CBCS for study by a student at UG level comprise:

A: Core course:
Core course needs to be compulsorily studied by a candidate as a core requirement. There shall be a total of 12 core papers, with 3 papers from each core courses to be studied in 4 semesters (I - IV).
Each core course is of 6 credits.

B: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)
Ability Enhancement Courses are:

  1. Communication English / Hindi / MIL- To be studied in Semester I & II,
  2.  EVS – To be studied in Semester I and II
  3. AECC - English / Hindi / MIL- To be studied in Semester V and VI

Each AECC is of 2 credits

C: Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
Skill Enhancement Courses are to be studied in Semesters III – VI, one paper in each semester and the student will have the option to choose from a range of the choices.
Each skill enhancement course is of 4 credits.

D:  Elective courses:-
• Discipline Specific Elective Courses (DSE)
• Generic Elective Courses (GE)

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) courses are to be studied in Semesters V and VI, with 2 papers in each semester. These elective courses are based on the core courses opted by the student. Each DSE course is of 6 credits.
Generic Elective (GE) course is part of the B. A. programme and 01 paper has to be studied in Semester V and VI. This GE Course is an elective course, chosen generally from an unrelated discipline / subject, with an intention to seek exposure to other courses.
Generic Elective Course is of 6 credits