The main academic resource in an institution of higher learning, where we step in to assimilate and step out as transformed, is the library. All it requires from the student scholars is to have the yearning to taste, swallow and digest; the dawning of success is sure to ensue.
We have made a very good beginning in this area with a collection of around 5000 books to start with. The properly stacked books on open book shelves of steal almirah with see-through glass panes, displaying clearly, the title, author and the publisher, are sure to attract the students as per their requirement and taste.


Library rules

  • The library remains open for book surfing and consultation from 9 am to 3 pm
  • On being admitted, every student is issued library card, which he / she is required to carry to college. The loss of library card has to be reported immediately and duplicate card shall be issued after proper verification against a payment of Rs 25.00.
  • The books are issued to students on the production of library card
  • One book at a time is issued to a student for a period of 14 days only. A fine @ Rupees one per day is realized from the student if the book is not returned within due date.
  • Rare books and reference books are to be consulted in the library and shall not be issued to students.
  • Complete silence has to be maintained in the library.
  • Students are required to keep the borrowed book of the library in safe custody and in perfect condition. Any book that is lost or damaged in part, or full, shall have to be replaced by the borrower, failing this; double the cost of the book shall be realized from student.