Students’ Charter

Colleges' responsibilities towards Student

  1. Promote the realization of vision, mission and objectives of the college through active participation of students.
  2. Maintain transparency in the admission process, financial aid, and other financial affairs that relate to students
  3. Make CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM fully known to students and encourage them to avail and pursue courses according to their potential and preferences.
  4. Keep introducing digital technology based pedagogy for teaching-learning.
  5. Transparency in internal assessment, and redressal of grievance, if any, thereof.
  6. Mentoring every student to offer timely guidance, counseling and redressal of grievances.
  7. Promote social values, citizenry responsibility and opportunity for inclusive participation.
  8. Keep collecting inputs from students about the relevance of the curriculum and their level of satisfaction about support services, academic resources and sports facilities.

Responsibilities of student towards the college

  1. Contribute to realization of goals of the college by participating in all the academic and co-curricular activities.
  2. To be conversant with the academic programmes run by the college and different subject combinations available under each programme, admission rules, fee structure, rules and regulations of the institution.
  3. Know the expected learning outcomes of the courses being studied.
  4. To make optimal use of support services and learning resources available in the college
  5. Be objectively oriented towards the studies and prepare for continuous internal assignments and end semester examinations seriously.
  6. Provide inputs to the Institution regarding relevance of curriculum in the light of its employability value, teaching and related pedagogies available.
  7. Be on the forefront to maintain the campus, green and clean.
  8. Have sense of responsibility and belongingness towards the college and prevent the defacing/ damaging / loss to college property.
  9. Maintain a healthy relationship with the college as an alumnus / alumna.